The bachelor


On the site today: spring-ready pants and jackets from @jbrandjeans. The weather’s about to change—can you feel it?

The bachelor turned 2 today!



Orazio Luciano Trunkshow - October 14th & 15th at the Armoury


Drake’s Knit Ties happen to be knitted on frames that are over a hundred years old. This may take a bit more time than modern methods, but we feel it gives our knits that little something special as well as that satisfyingly, crunchy handle.
Paired here with one of our new AW13 Jackets, this fuchsia colour picks out and sits nicely with the red and purple flecks of this woollen fabric. Finished off with a complimentary wool/silk Dancing Print pocket square.
New knit colours available at No.3 Clifford St.
Fuchsia Knit
Blue Wool Jacket
Dancing Print Pocket Square

Dries Van Noten 


Saint Crispin’s for The Armoury